The Homework Lab

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The Homework Lab

Post by StevenF50 on 2010-10-16, 19:54

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About The Homework Lab:
As you may have suspected, The Homework Lab is where you can go to get support for your school work. First off, let me make this note. We will help you with your learning or school work. What we will not do is do your homework for you, but with some help, we will help you get to that A+ you have always wanted.

In addition to the regular courses you will obviously be taking, we have a foreign language section where you can talk and get help with improving your Spanish or French. As we grow we will be adding more elective courses such as computer, drama, band, and much more!!We also have our general discussion forum that you can hang out and talk to your fellow learners.

We are currently looking for a few intelligent mods. Also, as this forum is still brand new, all the great updates aren't out yet. Some things we planned are: getting a new theme, more sections, and much more!!


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