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Post by 2787cmt on 2010-10-24, 07:42

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Cmt Sports Forum is a sports forum for you. Cmt Sports Forum is a sports community where we have sports and general discussion. Cmt Sports Forum is one of the top sports forums on the internet, and we are the best sports forum hosted by ProBoards. Cmt Sports Forum has been around for a long time, we have been an active forum for over a year. That shows that we will be an active community for a long time. Cmt Sports Forum is currently trucking to 50,000 posts, which is our goal. We are also trucking to 300 members. We want you to join us. Are you convinced yet? No? Well, we have an arcade for registered users only, with thousands of games. We have a chat box where members can chat with each other. We have a board just for people to promote their forum. You can promote your forum as a Guest in Basic Promotion, which is a sub-board in the Promotion board. We will also affiliate with you. This means you can get your affiliate banner in our affiliate table at the bottom of the forum. This shows on the index page when it is loaded each and every time. At Cmt Sports Forum, you can discuss any sports, including Baseball, American Football, Football/Soccer, Basketball, Cricket, Tennis, Golf, Bowling, Wrestling, Badminton, Rugby, Lacrosse, Racing, Darts, Pool/Billiards, Table Tennis/Ping Pong, Hockey, Cross-County, Skiing, Snowboarding, Skateboarding, Swimming, Cheerleading, whatever sport you can think of, we will discuss it if you like. Even if you made up the sport yourself, we will discuss it. Convinced? Yes? Do you want to join the community? Yes? Alright then, come on! CLICK HERE!

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Post by Air on 2010-10-24, 22:47

Nice forum, good luck with it.

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