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Post by KadoFox on 2010-12-27, 13:42

Link: Final Fantasy Worlds

What Sets This Apart From Other FF Role Play Sites:
I've noticed that very little creativity was put into FF Role Play sites. They are just put into a world that's already been done and says here you go. Enjoy. In FF Worlds, the whole entire final fantasy series is put into one original world. Using races and classes from final fantasy tactics and different plot points from the games, such as the life stream, the crystals and the war of magi. You are also not limited to just tactics races, it is also set up so that you may use any race from any ff game.

Is This Overwhelming:
Not at all. This site is enjoyable by either an avid fan of the series or a new comer to the series. Even though it is set in an original world, it still uses many plot points from the game series. But what if you don't know these plot points? No worries, you can still enjoy the role play if you know nothing about them. Plus there is the Lore forum where you can learn about all of the different things.

What Is The Sites Status:
It is about %90 complete. It is complete enough for people to play and it is constantly being updated with Lore, Adventures and Locations.

So please, come enjoy Final Fantasy Worlds!

Story: The crystals powers are diminishing and the dimensions are shifting and becoming one. The world and it's dimensions are now at risk and a group of four are the only ones who can restore power to the crystals. They do not know of their destiny and do not know each other. Another group of four wish to destroy the crystals and become the four elemental fiends.
What will become of the world?
What will become of the dimensions?
What will become of the crystals?
It is up to the inhabitants of Norvania what the future will hold. Will the world and it's dimensions perish or will they be saved?
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