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*If these rules are copied & put on your website/forum, your website will be banned & you will be permanently IP banned.*
Official Forum Rules

- We do allow double posting however, we don't allow post over 5 times in a row. As this is considered as spam.
- Going completely off topic is not allowed. If you post something completely off of the subject, you could get a warning.
- Making multiple topics about the same Website or subject will get you a warning as it's not allowed.
- Using color & bold in your post or in chat is not allowed. You can just use a color or just bold but not bold & a color as it's for mods.
- Starting fights with other members is certainly not allowed. This will result in a temporary ban to who ever started the fight.
- Randomly posting your forum link in post that have nothing to do with your link, is not allowed. It will result in a warning.
- If you post topics or replies that are inappropriate can result in a permanent IP ban.
- We do allow you to have 2 additional accounts but, you must let a member of staff know or you could result in a ban on all other accounts.
- Treating to hack or spam AM is certainly not allowed. This will result in a permanent IP Ban.
- Asking members for personal details or following a member or staff is not allowed. You could get a warning or a ban.
- Impersonation of a member or staff member is certainly not allowed. If you are caught impersonating any member on AM, you will get a warning or even a ban.
- If you are arguing with a member of staff on a public forum, you will be given a warning. Please contact Me if you have any problems.
- Swearing is not allowed on AM at all. You can be banned for such as this if it's severe enough.
- Posting topics in the wrong area is ok the first 5 times if its a mistake. But, if you continue to do it multiply times, you will get a warning.
- Begging on AM isn't allowed. If you go into chat or PM a user begging for something, you will be banned.
- Trap links aren't allowed on AM. This is considered as spam & you will be permanently IP banned.
- Any disrespect to a staff member of AM will be given a warning.
- If you are not a member of staff on AM, please don't moderate the forums. This will defiantly get you a warning or possibly a ban.
- Plagiarism isn't allowed on AM. If you are caught doing this, you will be permanently IP banned.
- Please don't abuse the avatar system. If you have an inappropriate image, a member of staff will ask you to change it. If you don't you will be permanently IP banned.
- Any disrespect to the signature will cause you to loose your signature rights.
- Only English is to be used on the boards, and any type of communication on AM. You can get a warning for such activity.

*Any rules broken can cause you to get a warning*

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