This Is PeopleString - This might interest you!

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This Is PeopleString - This might interest you!

Post by s2pid.kaspr on 2010-07-31, 10:41

Hello Everyone,

Please LIKE our group on Facebook, it's just new page we've created to promote and to be in contact with people who are interested on something that they can make money, I'm hoping you guys can help by liking it.
We will make our best to update this from time to time.


First of all, I want to introduce what is that group's mission.
It's about PeopleString.
But first, let me ask you a question, do you guys use Facebook, Myspace, or any other social network sites?
I'm sure many of you people do. No doubt.
But did you know that they are getting millions and millions of money from their advertisements only?
And you know who makes money for them?


Us users are the reason why they are making money.
With Facebook as one of the leading social network today, they have over 500 million active users.
They are earning without us knowing that, and that's a fact.

PeopleString is one of those social network sites, but they have difference in a way how they treat their members.
Here in PeopleString, they are proudly to share 70% of their ad revenues for their members.
You will actually earn on something you normally do.

And No, this is not a scam. This is a legit company that really pays.
This is one of the proof I can show you that it is legit and in fact serious with their business.


It will never ask for your Credit Card or even let you buy/sell some products.
Signing Up is FREE just like any other social networking sites out there.

Want to know more facts before you sign up?
No worries, I got all the basic questions you will have in mind right here:

This Is PeopleString

Feel free to message me here or straight up to my e-mail if you have any <word removed> questions.
I will help you with the best I can.

Here's a great tip:
The very best secret to become successful in this company is Teamwork.
A great group of commited Stringers (friends/connect) will earn you something that you never thought would be possible.
Trust me, I can guarantee you that.

Don't ever miss the oppurtunity that this is in fact FREE of any charge.
So take advantage of it.
Visit This Is PeopleString to know more.

Please don't forget to LIKE us.

Thank you.


By the way, PeopleString is helding a new program.
This program is going to be cool for most of us who wants to play much on Facebook.
This program is called Pay-Per-Game.
Yes, that's right. You play, you get paid. The more you play, the more you can earn.

It is actually a upcoming new releases of game apps for Facebook, but if you are a PeopleString member, you will get a chance to play this game first before it will be launched through Facebook. You will be the game tester.

So join now, so you can grab your seat to play.
They will be launching the test-game for PeopleString users called My Mad Millions, 3 days from today. Smile


Webinar schedule program was just finished today.
There will be Webinars again next week.

Today's topic was "What Is Your "Why?"

I hope some of you learned something for today.
I'll keep you guys updated. Wink

Join Now!

Please LIKE us on Facebook

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Re: This Is PeopleString - This might interest you!

Post by s2pid.kaspr on 2010-08-03, 17:15

I would really encourage you to join. No one gets rich in a day or week of effort. In this company, I assure you that you will earn hundreds even thousands if you give yourself enough time. Try it for yourself, again, it's FREE, you are not required to make investment to grow one. You are free to test it out for yourself.

Sign Up now here:

Or if you want to review more info. Go Here.

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