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Post by Spudster on 2011-04-18, 22:24

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About Us Intro

DisucssionRage is a forum creted on the 18th March 2010 we are a small commnnuity but are palnning on growing larger we first started as a nintendo forum but since couple things happend and the forum was going though a couple of issues i closed the forum for a bit 2 to 3 months and revamp it and changed the genre to a Genreal Discussion forum since then we have been getting many members and staff posting daily and also better design thanks to our graphic dessginers and founder Spudster

What Do We Offer

We offer many features such as our Blogging services allowing users to easily and simply create there own blogs and interact with other users we also have many other awesome feature like post2earn which allows you to buy items such as cutome ranks decresing your warning level and even more you can do anything at disccuionrage as long as you dont break our terms off use to see a full range of feature go here http://www.dsirage.com/f9-features-services

Other Section & Forums

we dont just offer awesome Services and feature we also apply many great forum we will name and decribe some of them Annoucment & Updates this is were all updates and Annoucment are placed or any majour news also go
Forum Competition is another great forum where you can take part in great Comps that is currently hosted or is on
Gaming Room are you a gaming fan?since our old genre was a nintendo forum we thoguht we would add this this forum for our older members to post in or even newer members can post in this forum Introduce Yourself our you new to our commnutiy need to introduce yourself?will we also have a introducing forum

How Are We Unique From Anyother General Discussion Forum?

We try to keep our design unique we our still working on our design so far its coming along great our graphics designers have there own forum were they can add there deisgn there so administrators can view them and maybe add them our arcade with some unique games will be coming soon as you see our staff members and administrators have trieid very hard in making this the best forum as possible

So Come Along And
Make Discussion Rage Your Offical Discussion
Home Today!

Links and info

url http://www.dsirage.com
feat http://www.dsirage.com/f9-features-services


Login http://www.dsirage.com/login
Register http://www.dsirage.com/register


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