NEW,The search engine has arrived.

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NEW,The search engine has arrived.

Post by heath68 on 2010-07-30, 07:54


Kooday is launching a search engine, why should you care.
Let me give you 5 reasons:

1st Reason

Do other search engines allow you to own keywords
No they don't but Kooday does.
Ownership of keywords means money in your account.

2nd Reason

When you advertise with other companies
do they allow payment after you see the results.
No they don't but Kooday does.
Advertisers will be lining up to try out Kooday.

3rd Reason

Do other search engines pay a residual income to it's members
most do not but Kooday does
Get free profit share credits when your active with Kooday

4th Reason

Tell others about Kooday and receive commissions
when keywords are purchased and websites linked, you get payed
imagine the possibilities, how many words are out there

5th Reason

Owners of popular keywords are payed a bonus
when you think of a great keyword, make sure you own it, it pays

Participate in something really unique, JOIN KOODAY TODAY!

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